Moerk Water design and build water treatment solutions that can treat any water source to produce WHO Standard drinking water for schools and training centres.


Access to clean water is not just a health issue, it is an education issue as well. According to WaterAid, 1 in 3 schools around the world do not have a clean drinking water supply for their students and staff.  Without a clean water source, students (particularly girls) miss school due to the time taken to collect water from another source, student and staff attendance is also reduced due to sickness caused by water borne diseases from drinking from an unimproved source.

Moerk Water are passionate advocates for improving access to clean water for schools to improve education and health outcomes. No child should be forced to choose between health and education. Moerk Water has partnered with a range of governments and donor partners to provide schools with access to clean water so children can focus on their education. Moerk Water have also partnered with tertiary training centres to not only supply water but also to ensure that water treatment systems can be developed and maintained locally.

Moerk Water treatment systems are designed to operate using solar power. This is ideal for producing water at schools and training centres as these institutions are operational during daylight hours. Educational institutions also generally have a range of buildings that are ideal for the installation of solar panels and water tanks.


  • Secured water supply to allow students to focus on education
  • WHO Standard drinking water
  • Powered by the sun during school hours
  • Installation in training centres can improve local servicing capacity

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Main Problems
  • Lack of clean water stops students getting an education
  • Time spent fetching water limits access to education
  • Drinking contaminated water leads to health problems and absences from school
  • Girls are most likely to miss school due to lack of access to clean water
Final Outcomes
  • Moerk Water systems produce clean water onsite for educational institutions to ensure students can focus on their education
  • Moerk Water systems operate on solar energy so can produce carbon neutral drinking water during school hours
  • Moerk Water treatment systems can be installed in training centres to build local capacity in water treatment
  • The solar PV system can be easily installed on the roof of school buildings, removing the need for costly ground mounting systems


Moerk’s water treatment technology can convert a wide range of water types into safe drinking water that meets World Health Organisation water quality standards.

Sea Water

Desalination treatment plants are one of our most sought-after systems. Our membrane systems are designed to remove salt and almost all other water contaminants through the process of reverse osmosis. It’s a tried and tested method that we have adapted to be transportable to even the remotest locations as well as adaptable to any scale and completely self sustaining.

Brackish Water

Brackish water may have lower salt levels that sea water but is still unsuitable for use in agriculture or for stock to drink. Moerk’s desalination technology, encompassing reverse osmosis, provides a simple to use, reliable solution to brackish water. Our team can design and construct a system that will convert brackish water to a useful resource.

Bore Water

Bore water can contain high levels of minerals including sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, and iron. This not only makes it unsafe for human and animal consumption, but also for irrigation. Moerk’s water treatment technology can turn bore water into a safe, useful asset.

Fresh Water

Just because water is fresh, does not mean it is fit for purpose. Moerk’s specialist team can provide water consultancy services, then use the results to advise on the best treatment solution to ensure your fresh water supply is free of contaminants, including bacteria, parasites and viruses, as well as particles. The result is water that is not only safe for human consumption but for use in your specific situation.

Ground Water

The best way to treat contaminated groundwater is to pump it through one of our specially designed groundwater treatment systems that can clean ground and surface water. The cleaned water can then be put back into the ground or stored for immediate use, which allows stakeholders to get the most out of their water assets.

Surface Water

Surface water, including rivers, dams and stream, is extremely vulnerable to contamination by pollutants including chemicals, bacteria, parasites and viruses. Like ground water, it can be easily treated and made safe for use by our specially designed treatment systems.

Dam Water

Dam water, like other surface water sources, is vulnerable to contamination from ground runoff, pollution, contamination by human and animal waste as well as algal blooms. Our expert engineers can design a dam water treatment system that will enable you to use dam water safely for agriculture and stock.

Creek Water

Creek water, like dam and river water, is prone to pollution from runoff, human and animal waste, chemicals, bacteria, parasites and viruses. We can design and build a treatment system to suit your specific needs and convert creek water into a clean, safe water source.

River Water

Rivers are an extremely valuable source of water for agricultural use. But they are also easily contaminated by debris, runoff, pollution, bacteria and parasites, as well as human and animal waste. We can help you to make this most of this resource through water treatment technology that will remove contaminants.

Saline Water

Saline water is easily treatable using one of our desalination treatment systems. Our membrane systems easily remove salt using reverse osmosis. Our engineers can help you to choose the right saline water treatment system for your needs. They are easy to transport and can be adapted to any scale.

Saline Ground Water

Ground water can become increasingly salty as rainwater deposits of small amounts of salt build up over time, until it can no longer be safely used for crop irrigation or watering animals. The solution can be found in Moerk’s range of desalination treatment systems. Our specialist team members can guide you through the process of choosing the right system to remove saline from your ground water.

Associated plants & systems

Our treatment plants are individually designed to meet the specific requirements to create a supply of water that is safe for drinking for educational institutions.

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