Burracoppin Sheep Farm Water Treatment


A farm east of Perth with 3000 sheep was running low on water after an unexpectedly dry winter. If a source of water for the sheep could not be found then the entire flock would need to be sold. There was groundwater on the farm but it was very salty and therefore required treatment before it could be given to the sheep. Moerk Water designed, constructed and commissioned an automated membrane desalination unit for the farm at the end of 2019. The unit became operational in time for the flock to avoid sale. The unit is constructed of quality parts and to Australian-German engineering guidelines. The unit was housed in a container the farmer had on site and the farmer was able to install his own PV system as he had a background in mechanical engineering. The PV system, although costing more up front, paid itself off in less than two years based on the savings made when diesel fuel is factored in. The unit is serviced once a year as part of Moerk Water’s commitment to After care service and has been in operation since 2019.



  • Moerk Water designed, constructed and delivered a water treatment system to provide sufficient water for 3000 head of sheep, avoiding sale of the flock
  • Farmer had engineering background and installed own solar array to power the water treatment unit
  • Solar system paid itself off within two years based on savings on diesel fuel 
  • Solar powered water treatment system has been operational since 2019
  • Capability Farming & Agriculture
  • Feedwater Bore water, well water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Salinity
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes