Gilbert Islands Kiribati Sea Water Desalination


Kiribati is a remote nation in the Pacific Ocean consisting of 33 islands. Kiribati’s water supply has predominantly come from rainwater harvesting and tapping into the islands’ freshwater lens. Climate change and a series of droughts has reduced Kiribati’s water security, particularly in the more remote island communities. Working together with the Kiribati Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy, Moerk Water designed, constructed and delivered two automated solar powered seawater desalination units that are designed to supply remote island communities with water. The units are constructed from readily available parts, built to Australian-German engineering standards and are easy to operate. The units were installed in remote communities in the Gilbert Islands group. In 2020, Moerk Water trained local operators in how to service and maintain these machines. Moerk Water is in frequent contact with the managers of the project to ensure that the machines are operating as designed.

Project Outcomes: 


  • Kiribati has long history of droughts and the outer islands suffer frequent water shortages
  • Moerk Water delivered two solar powered seawater desalination units to Kiribati to provide drinking water to remote communities in the Gilbert Islands group
  • The units have been operational in the remote communities since 2020
  • Local service technicians ensure the machines operate correctly and perform preventative maintenance
  • Service technicians have hotline to Moerk Water to ensure units stay operational
  • Capability Community Water Independence
  • Feedwater Sea Water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Salinity
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes