Moerk Water receives provisional approval for LBC compliant water treatment systems


In 2023, Moerk Water were approached to design a Living Building Challenge Standards 4.0 compliant water supply for an office building being constructed in Cottesloe, Western Australia. The Living Building Challenge is a set of standards developed by the International Living Future Institute which comprises 7 petals: place, equity, beauty, materials, health & happiness, energy and water. Moerk Water were approached to design a drinking water and wastewater recycling system that would comply with the water, materials and energy petals and produce net positive water onsite. The water treatment systems would need to treat and disinfect the water without the use of chlorine. There is also a ‘red list’ of prescribed materials that are not part of sustainable supply chains. In 2024, Moerk Water’s designs for Living Building Challenge compliant drinking and wastewater recycling system were given provisional approval by the WA Department of Health.


Project outcomes:

  • Moerk Water designed two Living Building Challenge compliant water treatment systems for an office building in Cottesloe Western Australia
  • The treatment systems are based on filtration and disinfection but are unable to use standard disinfection chemicals like chlorine
  • The designs were given provisional approval by the WA Department of Health and can now proceed to construction.


  • Capability Government and Municipal
  • Feedwater Rainwater and Wastewater
  • Water Quality Red Flags Microbiological content, suspended solids
  • Primary Water Treatment Ultrafiltration and disinfection
  • Project Outcomes