Mnemba Island Resort Desalination


The &Beyond resort on Mnemba island Zanzibar is a luxury resort consisting of 10 bungalows each with a private beach. Due to the remoteness of the location, desalination is used as the primary water supply. Moerk Water were contacted in 2012 when another manufacturer’s desalination system broke down on the island. Moerk Water refurbished this unit and due to their success with this were then contracted to supply a larger desalination unit capable of meeting all of the resort’s water requirements. The unit is constructed to be durable and easy to use given the remoteness of the location. This unit has been in operation since 2012 and is regularly serviced by Moerk’s local service technicians, Pamoja Zanzibar.


Project Outcomes: 


  • A luxury resort in Zanzibar contacted Moerk Water as the resort’s previous desalination unit from another manufacturer had failed.
  • Moerk Water designed and constructed a new desalination unit which has supplied all of the water to the resort since 2012. 
  • The unit is regularly serviced by Moerk trained service technicians from Pamoja Zanzibar
  • Moerk Water refurbished and upgraded another manufacturer’s desalination unit which had broken down on the island in addition to supplying a new water treatment system
  • The Moerk Water unit can be integrated with renewable energy if required




“MOERK WATER SOLUTIONS provides an exceptional desalination system with incredibly high water quality and also fantastic service and reliability. We are very, very happy with the agreement we have with them” – Mike Kelly, Manager &Beyond Mnemba Island

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