Piggery Membrane Desalination


The owner of a piggery south west of Perth drilled a series of bores to achieve sufficient volume to supply a herd of pigs and for spraying. The bores, although of sufficient yield, were too salty to be used directly for livestock or for spraying. Moerk Water were hired to design and construct a water treatment system to treat the salty bores and secure the water supply on the farm. Moerk Water worked with the farm’s nutritionist during the design stage to determine the correct level of salt that should be present in the feedwater. Following the design, Moerk Water constructed an automated, plug & play, solar powered membrane filtration system for the farm. The unit was built from quality parts using Australian-German engineering. The unit was commissioned at the start of 2021 and has been delivering the correct water quality for more than a year. As with all clients, the piggery owner has access to Moerk Water’s technical support team through our direct hotline as part of the After care service program.

Project Outcomes:


  • Piggery south west of Perth had a series of salty bores that required treatment to secure the water supply for the farm
  • Moerk Water designed and built a solar powered membrane desalination unit
  • Moerk Water worked with the farm nutritionist to tailor the salt level of the output water from the treatment system to suit the pigs’ diets
  • The water treatment unit has been in operation since 2021
  • Capability Farming & Agriculture
  • Feedwater Bore water, well water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Salinity
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes