Stanhope Farm Microbiological Contamination


Surface Water sources such as farm dams are often contaminated by microbiological species including viruses, bacteria and parasites. Moerk Water was approached by a farmer north of Perth who had a farm dam full of contaminated, muddy water that required treatment before it could be used for spraying and domestic purposes. The dam was the most reliable source of water on the farm but it was dirty and was getting worse each season. As the dam was located a long way from the nearest power source, the treatment unit would need to be solar powered. Moerk Water designed a solar powered UV disinfection/filtration system to deliver the required water quality. The unit was constructed from quality parts using Australian-German engineering. The unit was delivered to the farm late 2021.

Project Outcomes: 


  • A farm north of Perth has a surface water source that is progressively getting worse
  • The dam was contaminated with biological material and suspended solids
  • The dam is the most reliable source of water on the farm
  • Moerk Water designed a solar powered filtration/sterilisation system to achieve the required water quality 
  • Capability Farming & Agriculture
  • Feedwater Surface water, dam water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Suspended solids, microbiological contamination
  • Primary Water Treatment UV disinfection
  • Project Outcomes