Zanzibar Island Desalination


A village of 2000 people in Southern Zanzibar relied on rainwater harvesting supplemented with brackish wells for their water supply. This water supply was insufficient for the population in the dry season so residents had to spend long periods of time searching for water. In 2014, Moerk Water installed 3 easy to use membrane desalination units in the village allowing for sufficient water to be produced for the residents. The units run chemical free and are powered by a solar PV system. Moerk Water trained 6 daily operators from the local community who are supported by Moerk Water’s regional partners, Pamoja Zanzibar. The Moerk Water systems are also regularly serviced by Pamoja Zanzibar. This partnership has ensured that the desalination units have been operational since 2014. now the village has a source of clean water, health and education outcomes have improved in the community.


Project Outcomes: 


  • A village in southern Zanzibar was suffering from water scarcity
  • The solar powered membrane filtration unit installed by Moerk Water ensures that more than 2000 people have sufficient water each day to drink, cook and attend to personal hygiene
  • The installation of a water treatment system has led to a reduction in water-borne diseases, including stomach complaints and worms. Water intake in village has increased leading to improvement in community health
  • Following the installation of the water treatment system, paraffin/firewood is no longer required to burn water. The water treatment unit runs on solar power and is greenhouse gas emission free.
  • With a source of clean water in the community, school attendance has improved particularly amongst girls
  • Capability Community Water Independence
  • Feedwater Brackish Water, Well water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Salinity, Biological Contamination
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes