June 26, 2015

Installation of MÖRK Desalin® RO2kSW system for andBeyond on Mnemba Island, Zanzibar

The MÖRK WATER SOLUTIONS team assisted andBeyond with developing a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of the resort, and took on the challenge of upgrading the system. Since 2012, our service contract has guaranteed the uninterrupted supply of perfect drinking water, sufficient for all resort operations and on-site residents. Something previously unheard of in Zanzibar, where technical competence in the sector of water treatment is rare. 

In May 2015 MWS installed a new RO2kSW system which ensures higher energy efficiency and much higher level of quality and reliability of potable water.  A local technician was trained for the hotel that operates the system and keeps it in an excellent condition to guarantee a long term operation. 

“MÖRK WATER SOLUTIONS provides an exceptional desalination system with incredibly high water quality and also fantastic service and reliability. We are very, very happy with the agreement we have with them.”

Mike Kelly, Manager andBeyond, Mnemba Island 

Below you find some pictures that show challenges in the installation.