March 25, 2021

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The climate is shifting, and decreased runoff has become the new normal. Farm water security is essential for a sustainable business model, furthermore, compromises on water quality (using sub-par water sources) can be damaging to animal productivity, irrigation effectiveness, chemical efficacy for spraying, and water carting is both costly and time-consuming.

Empty Farm Dam.png

Rainfall is largely outside of your control, maybe you can install some more dams or find other ways to increase your catchment. However, you will still be at the mercy of the weather. If you can clean up groundwater, then it can alleviate a huge amount of stress and anxiety by making you less dependent on rainfall. And now that water treatment is much more cost-effective, it means that previously ‘useless’ water sources can now be viable.

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Due to the convergence of a number of new technologies, securing a more reliable high-quality farm water supply has never been more cost-effective. Firstly, advances in third-generation reverse osmosis desalination technology have led to significantly improved automation, efficiency, and lower operating costs. Secondly, solar allows for off-grid plants and pumps.

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