December 07, 2023

The IWA Water and Wastewater Conference was held at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia from the 3rd December to 9th December 2023. This year, the conference focus was the provision of water and management of wastewater in Developing Countries. Moerk Water were exhibition sponsors for this event which brought together delegates from 43 countries and included researchers, government partners, utilities, private companies and stakeholders from all over the world.

Across the three days of the exhibition, Moerk Water talked to delegates from different countries about renewably powered water treatment systems. On the first day of the conference, Dr Mat Francis, Moerk Water’s Director of Water Chemistry, presented a technical talk on the lack of publicly available information covering the historical failure of seawater desalination systems in Pacific Island Countries. On the afternoon of the second day of the conference, Moerk welcomed more than 100 delegates to its factory in O’Connor. Moerk Water Engineers, as well as Moerk Water’s Managing Director and General Manager, gave the attendees a tour of Moerk Water which included the history of the company and its goals for the future.

Moerk Water would like to thank everyone who helped make the conference such a success particularly the Local Executive and National committee members.