January 18, 2023

In 2021, Moerk Water partnered with the Mercy Reach Foundation to provide drinking water to communities in need (http://www.mercyreach.org.au/#partners). As part of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church’s Christmas Offering Appeal 2021, funds were raised towards providing clean drinking water for a farming community in Keapara, Papua New Guinea. The funds raised were enough to cover the testing of the community’s well water and to begin construction of the water treatment system.

Recently while in PNG, our director of international business development Barbara Brezger, visited the wells in Keapara and assisted Pastor Walo Ani, from the Healing the Land Ministry which is based in Keapara, with water sampling. Following a comprehensive water analysis on the water samples (which identified a high degree of microbiological contamination), Moerk Water engineers designed a renewable energy powered system to produce clean water from these wells for drinking and agriculture.

In December 2022, following an in-depth design process, Moerk Water began construction on the water treatment system. The water treatment system consists of two water tanks for storage, a filtration assembly and UV sterilisation, all installed inside a 20 foot container. Although construction has started, the project cannot be completed unless a further $40,000 is raised.

If you are interested in supporting this appeal, which will enable the community and the farming project in Kiru region to access clean water for both drinking and growing crops and vegetables, please complete the giving slip below. Note that all donations are tax deductable.