September 14, 2023

Papua New Guinea celebrates its Independence Day on the 16th September with a public holiday on Friday 15th September marking the occasion in 2023. Moerk Water’s International Business Development Manager Barbara Brezger recently returned from Port Moresby where she was hosted by the Healing the Land Ministry as part of the dedication ceremony for the latest Moerk Water UV Filtration system due to be installed in Kiru, Central Province PNG. This containerised solution, which uses the latest in UV-LED technology, will treat the contaminated wells in Kiru to provide water both for drinking water and agricultural use.

Papua New Guinea faces many challenges supplying fresh water to its inhabitants. According to the latest Joint Monitoring Program report, generated by the WHO and UNICEF, only 37% of  Papua New Guineans have access to a basic water supply. Water supplies in Papua New Guinea are contaminated with bacteria, sediment and heavy metals. Moerk Water has been supplying Papua New Guinean communities with a range of renewable energy powered membrane filtration and disinfection treatment systems to ensure clean and safe drinking supplies are available to all.