May 10, 2022

Drought and sea level rise caused by climate change will drastically effect water security in Pacific Island Countries. Moerk Water understands that to assist these areas to become more resilient to climate change and improve local water security, local capacity and expertise needs to be developed in water treatment.

In April and May this year, Moerk Water contributed to the virtual training program “Enhancing climate resilience and safe water access in rural areas in the Pacific” as part of the Project for Capacity Building on Climate Resilience in the Pacific (CBCRP) administered by the Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC).

Moerk Water engineers delivered a seminar on “Technical solutions for safe water access from water source to households”. The seminar was about different water treatment and water quality monitoring methods with a focus on remote locations in the Pacific. Later in the training program Moerk Water engineers did a follow up presentation and attended a live Q&A to answer any queries from the attendees.

Image Credit: SPREP