October 17, 2022

Drought and sea level rise caused by climate change will drastically effect water security in Pacific Island Countries. In April and May this year, Moerk Water contributed to an on-line training program run by the Pacific Climate Change Centre (PCCC) aimed at improving local capacity and enhance climate resilience to meet this threat.

In October, Moerk Water engineers were asked to deliver additional seminars as part of the ‘Strengthening climate resilience and sage water access in rural areas in the Pacific” training program administered by the PCCC. The October seminars formed part of the in-person training held in Fiji. The two seminars Moerk Water delivered were titled “The Cost Effective Maintenance of Water Systems in Remote Areas” and “Renewable Energy Design for Water Systems”.

Moerk Water’s extensive experience in the Pacific in both the design and implementation of sustainable water solutions meant that many real world examples of best practice could be included in the training.

Image Credit: SPREP