September 29, 2021

The genesis of the idea came about in 2018, after Australian NGOs, Surfrider Foundation and Bottle for Botol visited the school and learned about water access and plastic waste issues on the island.

The project was organised and prepared by Surfrider Foundation together with the NGO Bottle for Botol.

It is a great joy, the project gets implemented in a school in Nusa Lembongan now in midst of Covid-19 challenges.

The health of the community will improve, and people will get sick less often. Both pupils and teachers will miss less school; and healthier children pay more attention during lessons, improving their education. Adults will become more productive at work while family medical bills decrease, increasing family savings. Expensive bottled water is no longer required, saving money and plastic. The time previously spent fetching water is freed up for more productive uses such as homework or running a business. These are just a few of the changes this project will make.

The benefits are enormous, which is why at Moerk Water we believe that all human communities need good water to thrive. We have noticed that the need is greatest in rural and remote communities that are difficult to reach and often left out. These are exactly the communities that we aim to reach.

In order to do this, we build water treatment systems that are very easy to operate, highly reliable, low maintenance and operate chemical-free. From the very beginning, we have also trained people from each community to operate and maintain their own water treatment plant to build local capacity and ensure that the plant will continue to provide good water for decades.

“Moerk Water would like to thank the Australian Navy, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Government of Indonesia for their assistance in this project. Each project has its own story, but this one is especially unique and without the joint effort between Australia and Indonesia, the water treatment plant would not have been delivered today.” -Barbara Brezger, Director of International Business Development

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In May 2021, we were pleased to host DFAT Officials; diplomats from the Solomon Islands; and Australian Naval Officers who visited our factory in Western Australia after the official handover ceremony for a new patrol boat that Australia gave to the Solomon Islands.

After a tour of our factory we discussed our technology and the need for clean drinking water in the Pacific.

Following this, Barbara asked the Admiral: “Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, the crate had been stuck in the workshop for more than a year; hence, is there any chance the Navy can deliver this Australian funded project?” The Australian navy then offered to transport our DFAT funded water treatment plant to Indonesia.

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