June 20, 2024

Given Moerk Water’s growing presence in Papua New Guinea, our Director of International Business Development, Barbara Brezger, again visited PNG this month to strengthen our local relationships and supervise additional training programs.

Included on her trip was a visit to the Kiru farming community which now has a clean source of drinking water thanks to a Moerk Water solar powered UV filtration unit. Along with Barbara came one of our local engineers who lives in Port Moresby. At Kiru, our engineer worked with the local operator to deepen his training so he could perform additional preventative maintenance on the UV filtration system now he was comfortable operating it. Moerk Water has found this kind of refresher training to be essential for the sustainable operation of water treatment units in remote locations. The visit also gave Barbara the opportunity to hand the daily operator his official operator certificate.

Also during this time, one of our local engineers performed site assessments on four villages in Gulf Province which lack a source of clean drinking water during the dry season. The assessments, and the potential water treatment systems, were funded by a local oil and gas company as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program. During the assessment, our engineer collected a range of water samples from each village which were analysed by Moerk Water’s partner laboratory in Port Moresby. When the results of the analysis came in, Moerk Water’s design team developed solar powered, chemical free technology solutions which will provide these communities with a safe source of drinking water all year round.

To find out more about Moerk Water’s work in remote communities and training, visit our projects page.