May 09, 2016

For the past five years Moerk have trained our partner Pamoja Zanzibar, a local NGO dedicated to the service and empowerment of the Zanzibari people of Unguja and Pemba islands, to install, service and maintain their water treatment plants.

Pamoja has provided professional local staff for this task who, we are pleased to announce, have taken over the responsibility for this project and will be managing it independently from now on. To create a greater income stream for the Pamoja station, they also provide service to high end hotels such as Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort and  &Beyond on Mnemba Island.

We’ve just finished installing a clean water system for Buyu in Zanzibar, a remote village of 600 people.

Prior to the installation of their Moerk Water Solutions plants, the village of Buyu suffered daily because of a lack of safe drinking water. Their wells were becoming more and more salted. With no other alternative, they have had to use this water source. It has caused them to suffer from numerous diseases, as well as diarrhea, skin diseases and kidney problems.

Not only did they need clean drinking water but it had to be supplied in an environmentally sustainable way. So we installed our desalination plants for them.

Now they have regular access to safe, clean water for a minimal investment of time and money compared to the costs of shipping in fresh water.

And all of it done in a way that does not adversely affect the local environment.

“MOERK Water (now handed over to Pamoja) provides an exceptional desalination system with incredibly high water quality and also fantastic service and reliability. We are very, very happy with the agreement we have with them.”  Mike Kelly, Manager, &Beyond

Watch this short clip of John Mhina, the head service technician at Pamoja, as he tells us what sweet water means to his people. John received training from us and has himself trained the local daily operator on this remote fishing island.

How does their desalination plant work?
The Moerk Desalin® plant gets its water source from salted groundwater. The plant produces 120 litres per hour, or 1,500 litres per day.

MOERK Water and Pamoja Zanzibar trained local people living in the village as qualified service technicians, licensed to operate the plant daily. They also took part in our awareness program in the areas of hygiene and health. Moerk-trained Pamoja service technicians come to the village for regular maintenance to guarantee the highest quality of drinking water into the future.

Download the Potable Water for Zanzibar fact sheet.