Saline Groundwater Treatment Plants

Our Treatment Solutions for Saline Ground Water

Ground water can become increasingly salty as rainwater deposits of small amounts of salt build up over time, until it can no longer be safely used for crop irrigation or watering animals. The solution can be found in Moerk’s range of desalination treatment systems. Our specialist team members can guide you through the process of choosing the right system to remove saline from your ground water.



Ground water is increasingly become saline due to rising sea levels. With the extraction of fresh water ground water now outstripping the recharge rate, saline aquifers are becoming one of the few remaining sources of water for inland locations. Saline ground water has a range of salinities ranging from brackish water to water with salinity higher than seawater.

In addition to removing the salt from the groundwater, saline groundwater will have similar contaminants of concern to standard ground water – namely heavy metals and microbiological matter. As such saline groundwater treatment systems will consist of multiple treatment technologies working together such as iron and mineral removal, membrane desalination and UV disinfection, however membrane desalination will always be required to reduce the salt level in the ground water.

Moerk Water has more than a decade of experience treating saline groundwater for a range of applications including agriculture, horticulture, industry and communities.

Typical Saline Ground Water Quality Red Flags
  • Salinity

  • Iron

  • Silica

  • Hardness

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Most Common Plants & Systems for Treating Saline Ground Water

Our treatment plants are individually designed to meet the specific requirements to create a supply of water that is safe for drinking or use in commercial and industrial situations.

Brackish Water Treatment

Moerk Water specialises in designing and building custom desalination plants and systems to treat various saline water sources to achieve water that is ready for commercial application and/or safe drinking water.

Seawater Desalination

Reverse osmosis is the most cost effective method for removing the salt from seawater (seawater desalination). Given the high energy cost of the process, energy recovery devices, low recovery rates and renewable energy systems are all factors effecting the utility of this system


Moerk’s water treatment technology can convert a wide range of water types, including sea water, brackish water and contaminated water into safe drinking water that meets World Health Organisation water quality standards.