Sea Water Treatment Systems

Our Various Solutions to Treat Sea Water

Desalination treatment plants are one of our most sought-after systems. Our membrane systems are designed to remove salt and almost all other water contaminants through the process of reverse osmosis. It’s a tried and tested method that we have adapted to be transportable to even the remotest locations as well as adaptable to any scale and completely self sustaining.


Sea Water makes up more than 97 per cent of the water on our planet. With 37 per cent of the world’s population living on a coastline, it is an ideal source for community water independence if treated to make it safe for consumption. Salt is the main contaminant in sea water, with an average of 35 grams of salt in every litre of seawater. The safe limit for salt in drinking water is around 1 gram per litre. Desalination removes salt from water, with the main treatment methods based on thermal, electrical and membrane technologies. Reverse Osmosis, a membrane technology, is the least energy intensive desalination method.

Moerk Water has been providing Membrane Desalination units to clients for more than a decade and has a range of sea water reverse osmosis units that run chemical-free and produce reject that has minimal effect on the environment. Additionally, Moerk Water seawater desalination units can all be operated using solar and wind energy. Moerk Water’s sea water desalination units are currently in use in remote communities, resorts and in training centres.

Typical Sea Water Quality Red Flags
  • Salinity
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Most Common Plants & Systems for Treating Sea Water

Our treatment plants are individually designed to meet the specific requirements to create a supply of water that is safe for drinking or use in commercial and industrial situations.

Seawater Desalination

Reverse osmosis is the most cost effective method for removing the salt from seawater (seawater desalination). Given the high energy cost of the process, energy recovery devices, low recovery rates and renewable energy systems are all factors effecting the utility of this system


Moerk’s water treatment technology can convert a wide range of water types, including sea water, brackish water and contaminated water into safe drinking water that meets World Health Organisation water quality standards.