East Cape Village Water Supply


A community in Eastern Papua New Guinea has a dry season that lasts for three months, followed by unpredictable dry spells throughout the year. As a result, most wells dry out forcing the closure of schools and aid posts. Additionally, the open shallow wells in the community are contaminated with salt and microbiological material. In 2018, Moerk Water installed an automated solar powered membrane filtration unit which provides sufficient water for the 800 residents of the community. The unit is constructed from high quality, durable parts and is easy to use. Moerk Water undertook in-depth training of daily operators who have been operating the unit since installation. The community in eastern Papua New Guinea is a gateway to islands off the coast. The water treatment unit supplies not only the community itself but also the residents of the islands off the coast with a source of clean water. 


Project Outcomes:


  • A community in Eastern Papua New Guinea suffered from water scarcity causing the closure of schools and health centres.
  • Moerk Water provided a treatment system which supplied sufficient clean water to supply the Health Centre, Maternal Clinic, Primary School, Secondary School and community 
  • With a clean water supply, schools stay open all year round even during droughts leading to an increase in school attendance
  • Clinics also now stay open year round and people with disabilities now have access to clean water. This has led to a noticeable improvement in children’s health with maternal health also improving as nurses now have access to clean instruments
  • The water treatment unit also offers source of clean water to residents who live on islands off the coast 




“One patient always had a cough, since he drinks from the treated water, he became healthy, and patients with skin diseases got healthy. Mums and children are healthier now. Flu and diarrhoea decreased. We clean our instruments for surgery and the maternal clinic. We are so grateful.” Village Nurse, Marcia 


“Without food I can live, but without water we can’t live the next day. Before the project has been installed, the school got closed because of the lack of water. Now the school stays open during droughts. Charles (the husband of one of the teachers) is taking good care of the machine, operating and cleaning it. All is under control and the water plant works fine.” Teacher, Karen August

  • Capability Community Water Independence
  • Feedwater Well Water, Muddy Water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Biological Contamination
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes