Specialty gas groundwater treatment system


Moerk Water were approached by a servicing company seeking to develop a flexible groundwater treatment system for one of their clients in Karratha. Treated groundwater was required to support operations of a specialty gas company. The groundwater was high in silica, iron, salinity and had seasonal changes in suspended solids with colloidal material entering the feedwater after heavy rainfall events. Moerk Water designed a membrane filtration system with a pre-treatment system capable of removing colloids and the dissolved iron from the feedwater. The system runs at high recovery (80%) and includes remote monitoring so Moerk Water engineers can support the installation.


Project Outcomes:

  • The system has been in continual operation since commissioning
  • The unit is supported by Moerk Water’s remote monitoring platform and Moerk Water’s service partner
  • Since being commissioned in late 2023, the unit has produced 2 million litres of water


  • Capability Industrial and Mining
  • Feedwater Bore water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Salinity, silica, iron, colloids
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes