Commercial Horticulture Iron Removal


Dissolved iron in bore water can cause issues for distribution networks. Bore water is often low in dissolved oxygen so the iron stays in solution. When the water comes in contact with air, the iron precipitates out and can block sprinkler heads and drippers. The iron precipitate can also attract iron bacteria which can form a difficult to remove slime. Moerk Water were approached by a commercial horticulturist north of Perth who was running low on dam water for their operations each summer and had to rely on bore water to sustain the crops. The only bore water available was high in dissolved iron which lead to blockages in the sprinkler heads required extensive cleaning operations. The borehole was also starting to silt up over time. Moerk Water went onsite and performed water quality analyses on all the available water sources. Using this data, Moerk Water were able to design a bespoke iron removal and filtration system. The automated system was designed, constructed and delivered in early 2022.


Project Outcomes:


  • Commercial horticulture operation north of Perth uses bore water to irrigate crops
  • Bore water is high in iron, blocks distribution network and the borehole is beginning to silt up
  • Moerk Water performed a series of water analyses onsite and designed a bespoke solution
  • Moerk Water delivered an iron removal/filtration system in 2022
  • Capability Commercial Horticulture
  • Feedwater Bore water, well water
  • Water Quality Red Flags High iron, suspended solids
  • Primary Water Treatment Iron Removal
  • Project Outcomes