Arkaba Farm Dam Water Treatment


In 2021, Moerk Water were approached to design a solution for a farmer with a series of muddy dams. The mud in the dam had high iron content and contained a high degree of colloidal material which meant conventional filtration could not remove it. The farmer was looking for an automated system that would allow him to treat the dam water to a sufficient quality for his spraying applications and for use in his garden. Moerk Water designed an automated batch flocculation system which allowed the farmer to alter the output water to either increased quality but reduced quantity or reduced quality but increased quantity. The unit was designed and constructed by Moerk Water using a combination of Australian and German engineering. Following installation, the client has had access to Moerk Water’s technical support team via our hotline as part of Moerk Water’s after care service program. Since beginning operation, the batch flocculation system has treated more than a million litres of water.


Project Outcomes: 


  • Moerk Water designed and constructed an automated batch flocculation system to remove a high concentration of suspended solids from a farm dam
  • Increased water security as the dam water can now be used 
  • High quality product water can now be used for both spraying and domestic uses
  • Unit has treated more than 1 million litres of water to date
  • Capability Farming & Agriculture
  • Feedwater Surface water, dam water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Suspended Solids, high iron, colloidal material
  • Primary Water Treatment Clarification Filtration
  • Project Outcomes