Hospital Water Supply Southern Somalia


A hospital in southern Somalia, responsible for all patients from the Jubbaland state, had no source of clean, treated water. In 2017, Moerk Water in cooperation with GIZ installed an easy to use solar powered membrane desalination system to provide treated water for the hospital staff and patients. The unit is built from quality parts to German engineering standards. Training was provided including operation of the water treatment system and the installation of the solar power system. This training forms part of Moerk Water’s drive to improve local knowledge in water treatment and solar power, particularly important in Somalia where a lot of the groundwater is saline. This project also forms part of a larger scheme to reintegrate Somali refugees back into their communities. Due to the successful operation of the unit since 2017, the Red Cross is considering funding a larger desalination unit for the hospital to allow them to expand operations.


Project Outcomes: 


  • A hospital in southern Somalia had no access to clean water. In 2017, Moerk Water designed a solar powered membrane desalination system to provide hospital patients and staff with clean water.
  • The training program run by Moerk builds local capacity built in desalination technology and solar power. This is important as the groundwater is saline in this region
  • The success of the project has led to the Red Cross considering funding a larger desalination unit for hospital
  • As the unit is solar powered no fuel or grid power is required to produce the water
  • Capability Community Water Independence
  • Feedwater Saline water, ground water, Well Water
  • Water Quality Red Flags High Salinity, Biological Contamination
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes