AS4187/5369 compliant water supply for CSSD


In 2023, Moerk Water designed and constructed a Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) AS4187 compliant Reverse Osmosis system for a private hospital in Perth Western Australia. The CSSD RO system contains both hot and cold water product tanks and produces water with conductivity below 1.5 μS/cm at a neutral pH. The pre-treatment system dechlorinates and softens scheme water before treating it with a two pass reverse osmosis system. The CSSD RO produces up to 350 L/hr of AS4187 compliant water. The CSSD RO has remote monitoring capabilities with pre-arranged alarms configured to alert Moerk Water engineers when the product water is out of compliance. The unit is kept operational by Moerk Water’s servicing partner.


Project Outcomes:

  • Moerk Water two pass RO produces AS4187 compliant water for use by CSSD in private hospital
  • Treated water conductivity is below 1.5 μS/cm at a neutral pH and undergoes thermal and UV sterilisation
  • Unit has produced nearly 100,000 L for the hospital to use in the sterilisation of medical equipment


  • Capability Healthcare
  • Feedwater Scheme water
  • Water Quality Red Flags free chlorine, hardness, salinity, microbiological content
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes