Pilot Decentralised Water Supply Unit


In 2020, Moerk Water was approached by Water Corporation to provide a pilot membrane filtration unit to supply water to towns outside of the municipal water supply network. Moerk Water designed and constructed a variable recovery rate system which was able to treat a range of different feedwaters. The system was designed to be run on either solar or grid and has the potential to be upgraded to an off-grid solution in the future. The unit was delivered to Water Corporation mid 2020 and is due to be commissioned in a remote town east of Perth at the end of 2022. In addition to supplying a regional town with drinking water, the unit is designed as a showcase for farmers in the area of the potential of brackish water treatment.



  • Moerk Water was approached by Water Corporation to design and construct a membrane filtration unit to deliver potable water to a regional town
  • System is containerised and designed to run on grid, generator or solar power
  • In addition to delivering safe drinking water to a regional town, the unit is a showcase to farmers of the potential of brackish water treatment
  • Capability Council and Government
  • Feedwater Bore water, well water
  • Water Quality Red Flags Salinity
  • Primary Water Treatment Membrane Desalination
  • Project Outcomes