Clean Water Where You Need It

Clean and Safe Water – Sustainable Solutions – Everywhere, for Everyone

Our founding company, Mörk GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, was established in 1902 and in 2011, there was an initiative to utilize the company’s strength in project management to bring clean water to regions in Africa. The heart of this was powering water treatment units with solar power as sustainability was very important to the company. In partnership with GIZ the first project was rolled out in Chwaka in Zanzibar which utilised wind and solar (a small wind turbine and 6 solar panels), and with this project, Moerk Water was born.

In 2014, Founder and Director of Moerk Water, Martin Brezger, stepped down from his post as CEO of Mörk GmbH & Co. KG to move to dedicate his energy full-time to Moerk Water and move the base of operations to Australia. Together with his wife Barbara Brezger they grew the company and brought life changing projects to different remote communities across Africa and, more broadly, the Asia-Pacific region. As the company grew through innovation and the development of new capabilities, the company grew to serve new industries including agriculture both in Australia and internationally.

Today, having continued to grow as an organisation; Moerk Water is able to bring clean, safe, fit-for-purpose water wherever it is needed, be it large scale industrial, mining or healthcare applications to life-changing units for remote and indigenous communities. In this time, Moerk Water has developed a successful approach to remote community water treatment which combines reliable, sustainable technology with local empowerment.

Our expert team encompasses a wide array of qualifications and technical proficiency that benefits the communities, farmers, irrigators, resorts, commercial food processors, local governments, and government authorities we work with. Our user-friendly technology is easy to operate and maintain, while our remote monitoring and education on the operation and maintenance of our technology enables us to deliver technical support to ensure a dependable source of water over the long term.


Mission Statement

Moerk Water is the trusted partner for sustainable water treatment across the globe offering:

              • Custom solutions that guarantee quality and reliability
              • Committed to renewable energy, continuous innovation and capacity building through
                comprehensive training models
              • Exceptional value to our clients, ensuring their long-term success.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team members are highly skilled in their fields and are committed to delivering safe and holistic water treatment solutions across the planet. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, dedication to finding the best solutions for our clients and to help to make the world a better place for everyone to live by ensuring everyone has access to the most essential component of life.


Martin Brezger is the Director of Moerk Water Solutions, Asia-Pacific. He has a Degree in Civil Engineering and an Engineer’s Degree in Economics. He has more than 45 years experience in project management dealing with turnkey projects within the building sector and in the fields of solar power systems and drinking water supply. While in office as the CEO of Moerk Corporate, Germany, the company received several awards for its unique leadership skill for recognising and allowing potential in others to grow.

In 2013 Moerk Water Solutions was awarded the Social Responsibility and Excellence Award by the German Ministry of Finance and Economics, Baden-Wuerttemberg and the German Caritas Association. During this time the company also received several awards in the field of high customer satisfaction and the German Employer Quality Seal.

Director of International Business Development

Barbara Brezger is the Director of International Business Development of Moerk Water Solutions, Asia-Pacific. She has a Certification in mediation, which enriches her cross-cultural experience, and is skilled in the field of WASH for developing countries. Involved in the company since 1981, she has initiated projects, interfaced between Moerk Water and governments, communities, donors and NGOs, building strong relationships between them all.

She is keen to target solutions on-time and on-budget and is passionate about addressing poverty and advocating on behalf of the destitute.

Director of Water Chemistry

Mat Francis is the Director of Water Chemistry at Moerk Water Solutions, Asia-Pacific. He has a PhD in Chemistry and has worked for more than a decade designing water treatment solutions for the water, mining, energy and food sectors, both locally and internationally.

As well as designing water treatment systems, he is an enthusiastic educator of stakeholders and the public. In 2019, he was presented with an award for his work in promoting public understanding of water treatment. He has also been awarded a Fellowship in the Higher Education Academy for his work developing online learning environments.

Why Moerk Water?

Our customers know they can rely on us to deliver what they need, when they need it. Moerk Water delivers long-term and reliable water solutions through developing trusting relationships commercially and through cooperation with local partners and communities. We encourage the inclusion, active participation and decision-making of all relevant stakeholders in the design, implementation, and maintenance of the technology.

We are values orientated, with commitment to the highest standards of integrity, reliability and competence at the core of everything we do. We act responsibly, we deal fairly, we understand people and always consider the broader context for each project.



Moerk Water starts the process of finding a solution for a client by asking questions to find out exactly what the client needs. Once the client’s needs are understood, Moerk Water will perform a water quality assessment either in person or via a water sample of the best available source. Once the composition of the water is understood, Moerk Water will design a system based on the location of the installation, what needs to be removed from the water and the available power. This design process involves a range of physical and chemical simulations and determines the final makeup of the system. Then Moerk Water engineers will construct and test the unit before shipping it to site for commissioning.


The first step towards a successful partnership is communication. That’s why we place such importance on our initial meeting. We will talk to you to find out exactly what you want to achieve and your expectations. It ensures that everyone is on the same page from the outset.


Next, we need to investigate what is needed, which means looking in depth at your site and making sure we identify all potential challenges. The thorough knowledge we gain during the investigation stage lays the foundation for a successful outcome to your project.


Testing your water source allows us to determine exactly what we’re dealing with. Water analysis allows us to determine the cause or causes of water supply problems, and to identify the presence of any salt, debris, runoff, pollution, bacteria and parasites, as well as human and animal waste. We offer this cost-effective service to ensure we can then find the right solution for your needs without wasting time or money.


This is where we pull together all the data gained from our investigations and testing, then look back at the information gathered during our initial meeting with you to create a water treatment strategy that meets your needs, expectations and budget.


Once the water treatment strategy is in place, the next essential step is to consider installation and maintenance. This ensures everything goes smoothly when we get to site with your new technology. It also means that ongoing maintenance will be simple and cost-effective.


This is where we pull everything together. We meet with you to present our proposal that has been drafted with all the information gained throughout the previous steps. During our meeting, we will discuss the reasoning that has gone into the proposal and quote, listen to your feedback and make adjustments as required. Remember. This is your project and you are  always in the driver’s seat.


Training & Capacity Building

We want all of our clients, communities and wider stakeholders to get the most out of their water treatment technology investment. That’s why Moerk Water places great importance of equipping you and your team with the training to operate and maintain your system over the long term.

Water Consultancy

At Moerk Water we partner with you all the way. That’s why our services start with an initial in depth consultation so we can establish exactly what your needs and expectations are to ensure a smooth process and outstanding result. We then follow with water analysis and finish with training and education post project.

Water Analysis

A Moerk Water analysis is the first very important step in determining the causes of water quality and supply problems. That’s why we offer this cost-effective and efficient service to ensure we can then find the right solution for your needs without wasting time or money.

Custom Design & Manufacture

At Moerk Water we construct all of our units locally using quality parts combined with a high standard of engineering. Moerk Water stands behind all of its water treatment units and has built a reputation for reliability and longevity in some of the harshest conditions in the world.