January 18, 2023

After almost three years of setbacks, the Moerk Water Nusa Lembongan seawater desalination plant is operational and supplying local school students with WHO standard drinking water. The main setback was getting the seawater unit to the school in Indonesia while the country was locked down due to COVID-19. In 2021, Moerk Water hosted DFAT Officials, diplomats from the Solomon Islands and Australian Naval Officers. As a result of this meeting, the Australian Navy graciously offered to transport the unit via ship and helicopter to ensure that it arrived at the school.

At the end of 2022, the unit was successfully tested and installed along with the solar PV system that powers the unit. Not only is there now a reliable source of clean water available to the students, but they are also no longer reliant on bottled water shipments which has reduced the amount of plastic waste.

The solar powered seawater desalination system produces 100 L/hr of WHO standard drinking water, is very easy to operate, is highly reliable, is low maintenance and operates chemical-free.